Friday, 3 August 2018

What Are The Common Causes Of Wrist Pain?

The wrist is one of the body's most overused parts. Most people usually ignore the wrist pain attributing it to a simple strain. However, prolonged discomfort can be a sign of something more serious. Below are some of the common causes of wrist pain:

Wrist sprain: A sprain occurs when the ligaments are overextended due to a fall. Though the pain could persist in a few days, it may just be a simple injury.

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Repetitive stress injury: Some day-to-day actions cause tension to the wrists. Activities such as writing, engaging in sports, or driving for hours straight can cause a repetitive stress condition such as De Quervain's disease that causes inflammation and swelling on the side of the thumb.

Bursitis: This condition when the fluid-filled sacs near the tendons, bones, and muscles near the joints become inflamed.

Carpal tunnel syndrome: The pinched nerve in the wrist area causes numbness, sharp pain, and tingling sensation. Medication can be prescribed to manage the pain as a result o the compressed median nerve. Surgery meanwhile is recommended for more complex cases.

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The wrist is an important part of the body. To prevent complications, one must consult medical professionals when the pain begins to hinder one's regular movements.

Dr. Karl Jawhari, DC is the founder of Core Integrative Health, a medical facility that employs medical doctors, nurse practitioners, and chiropractors. For updates, visit this page.