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Common causes of back pain for women

Back pain for women can be a common occurrence, especially with age.  Because of their physiology, women’s backs tend to be more stressed than those of men.  And while back pain can be relieved through stretching, exercises, and medication, knowing its root is a primary tool for prevention.  Here are some of the common causes of back pain for women.

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Muscle or ligament strain
Muscle or ligament strain is commonly caused by strenuous lifting.  However, for women, this could be caused by pregnancy or sports-related activities.  This can easily be remedied by applying ice or heat to the affected area, rest, or physical therapy.

Arthritis often reveals itself when women get older.  This affects the joints along the spine, limits movement, and causes pain.  This can be avoided by exercise and weight management.  Treatment for arthritis includes physical therapy, aqua therapy, and medication.

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When the bone loses calcium density, it begins to thin out and causes compression fracture, affecting the vertebrae.  This is common for women 60 years of age and above.  Treatments for osteoporosis include improving calcium intake and physical therapy.  In severe cases, back braces as well as surgeries are necessary.

Spinal stenosis
Spinal stenosis occurs when the spinal canal narrows with old age.  This causes severe pain and is common for women above 60 years of age.  Treatment for spinal stenosis includes physical therapy, pain medications, as well as injections.

Herniated disk
This usually occurs as the result of an injury.  A herniated disk occurs when a disk in the spine protrudes into the nerves, causing pain.  Treatment for this includes physical therapy and chiropractic treatment. 

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