Thursday, 27 September 2018

Could this be the future of back treatment?

While the science behind it is still relatively young, stem cells have already earned a reputation for being one of the leading technologies to usher in the future of medicine.  Stem cells have now been known to treat a number of congenital and degenerative diseases.  Recently, research on how this technology can treat back pain has taken a significant step forward.

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For a few decades now, doctors and researchers have been searching for an alternative treatment for opioids, which an increasing number of patients have been overdosing on.  In fact, in 2015, over 30,000 people have died due to the overuse of opioids, which is a direct result of addiction to prescription drugs taken to relieve lower back pain.

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The number of cases of chronic back pain in the United States has ballooned to the point that almost 50 percent of the opioid painkiller sales are attributed to patients trying to get some relief from lower back pain. 

This is where stem cells come in.  Researchers have found that if stem cells are injected to the damage discs found within the spine, they can have a dramatic effect on the damaged tissue.  The decrease in inflammation and secretion brought about by the injection helps in the recovery process of the muscles, bones, and tissues.  Trials so far have been very promising, and once the technology is well and ready, people with back pain may find a safer solution and a more long-term relief to their back issues. 

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